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HarmonyOne Universal Remote

The Logitech HarmonyOne Advanced Universal Remote: The Ultimate Remote for the Living Room When asked whether a particular device, software program or computer is worth paying extra money for, I always respond the same way: how much is it worth to you? I was recently wondering what to ask Santa Claus for for Christmas. I have nearly everything in the way of technology I need . Then I looked at my favorite easy chair in the living room and discovered that I have 5 different remote controls! One for each different device connected to my home entertainment center. Fast forward a short time to when my wife was starting to review products for a Web site called . I don't know exactly how she did it, but somehow she was able to get my future Christmas present, a review copy of the new Logitech HarmonyOne Advanced Universal Remote to test and then write an online review of. I thought I would beat her to the punch, so I'm writing a review of it here. The reason I ask, &qu