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Office 2007 Shortcuts & Cheat Sheets

Upgrading to Office 2007? These Tips Make the Switch Easier Tip #1 : Microsoft's Interactive Reference Guide: Click on the Help Question Mark in the top right corner of Word, PowerPoint or Excel 2007. Then, type in the word " Interactive " in the Search box. For example, click on Interactive: Word 2003 to Word 2007 command reference guide . Click on the "Start the Guide" Play arrow, then click the big orange START button. Then, click on any menu command in Word 2003, such as Tools>>Macro>>Macros (for instance). Immediately, it takes you through the Word 2007 equivalent. You can review this series of menu steps as many times as you want, and as many different menu combinations as you want. It helped me make the conversion to 2007 very easily. I just reviewed the menu commands that I use most often, and it assured me that they are all available in the new version, albeit in different places than before. Tip #2 : Download the Office 2007 Mapping Guides

Your Favorite SlideShow Maker

Did you know that you can create photo slideshows for a Web site in more than 11 different applications? I am trying to find the very best tool to create a photo slide show of my own, and also the best tool to teach others to use. It really is amazing at how many there are to choose from. I have come up with 11 different far: 1. Microsoft Photo Story (free) . 2. Animoto (Web site/service) 3. Windows Movie Maker (free) 4. Adobe Photoshop Elements (any version) 5. Adobe Flash Professional CS3 or CS4 6. Adobe Photoshop CS3 or CS4 7. Adobe Fireworks CS3 or CS4 8. Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 or CS4 9. Adobe Acrobat Professional 10. Picasa - Google's free software and Web album creator 11. Microsoft PowerPoint (save as a PowerPoint Show or HTML) Sure, there are many more slide-show-making tools, but these are the ones I have tried so far. I'm just trying to generate some comments. Which do you like best and/or which do you find the easiest to train others to use? My own persona