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Four Essential Gmail Add-Ons and a Gmail Tip

Since I work at a practically all-Google district, Gmail has become my most-often-used application all day long. But I find that it is missing some essential features that I used to have in Novell GroupWise and also some features I have at home with Microsoft Outlook. Today, I hope to introduce you to some add-ons that make it much more powerful than it would be otherwise. 1)  Boomerang : Have you ever wanted to schedule an e-mail to be sent at a later time? Maybe you subscribe to some e-mail newsletters, but you just don't have the time right to read them right away. With Boomerang, you can schedule e-mails to be sent later, or to arrive in your Inbox at a scheduled time (when you might not be as busy). Both of these features are very useful. For instance, as I'm composing a new e-mail, at the bottom, underneath the blue Send button, I see a red " Send Later " button, where I can "Boomerang" this message to be sent at just about any day and time that I w