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Eno & Easiteach Workshop

Eno & Easiteach Workshop (2 Parts) Links, Handouts and Tutorials On Tuesday, July 19th and Thursday, July 21st, I will be leading sessions at the McKinley Administration Building on Eno Whiteboards and RM Easiteach Next Generation , the whiteboard lesson-creation software. Downloading & Creating Whiteboard Lessons with RM Easiteach Next Generation Easiteach Shared Training Folder RM Easiteach Next Generation - Agenda RM Easilearn (lesson downloads, demos and resources for Easiteach) Easiteach Widgets - with an explanation of each Easiteach Feature Videos (many tutorial videos) Easiteach Webinars from ToolfactoryInc (YouTube Playlist) RM Easiteach Website (downloads, videos and more)

Advanced Use of the Recordex Document Camera and XSight Software

Advanced Use of Recordex Document Cameras and XSight Software (Pictures and Video) Advanced Document Camera Usage - Agenda Best Results & Troubleshooting with the Recordex Document Camera Download the latest XSight HD Viewer Recordex SimplicityCam Support Site Recordex XSight Document Camera Software Tutorials (YouTube Playlist) How to Use YouTube Video Editor  (links to more videos at the end) How to Create Closed Captions & Subtitles for YouTube Videos