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10 Good Google Docs, Sheets and Forms Add-Ons for Teachers

From the always dependable Richard Byrne comes this fine list of Top 10 Add-Ons for Google Docs, Forms and Sheets . These are not apps, but add-ons to make your Docs, Forms and Sheets more functional and powerful. Many of you are using a few of these already. Free Technology for Teachers: 10 Good Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms Add-ons for Teachers WWW.FREETECH4TEACHERS.COM

360 Degree Panoramic Views of Michigan with Google Trekker

View Michigan's most iconic natural and cultural destinations with the help of Google Trekker . Explore the interactive imagery and plan your next visit.  If you can't physically make the trek, explore it from the comfort of your favorite device - from any location. Teachers, take note.  Here is the link:

22 Chrome Apps Every Teacher Should Know About

Here is an excellent list from and very well researched!  Some of these I have never heard of.  It truly seems like the best of the best. Please provide feedback. Which have you tried?

Royalty-Free Music, SFX Sites and Online Video Editors for Music Video Creation

Here is a helpful list of royalty-free music and sound effect sites for projects, thanks to Larry Ferlazzo's blog.  The post includes a lot of additional comments from his followers (59 more comments) which are also helpful.   Richard Byrne also offers this list of Royalty Free Music for Education  and check out the related items at the bottom of the page. As far as online video editors, this is a good list to choose from - other than having to install Windows Movie Maker . Any one of these 10 should work to help you put together a quick video.  PowToon is more for animation and YouTube has a lot of music built right in. WeVideo (no longer free) and Magisto are both recommended, but don't forget one of my all-time favorites, Animoto .  Do a search for " Animoto for Education " so you can create longer videos with your class during your teacher trial.   If your class is using an iPad, a recommended app is Video Star , which allows you to create music v