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When New Technology Isn't Always the Best Solution

I've been wanting to write this for quite a while, and I think now is the perfect time.  Despite the fact that I make my living off of "technology," I am becoming more and more depressed by a mindset that looks down on anything remotely considered "old technology," advocating that it should be thrown out and replaced with new and more updated technology.  In other words, just because something is old, technology advocates (which will remain nameless) are continually deeming it worthless or complete junk.  This frustrates me.  There is still a place for equipment considered "old technology" because the new stuff simply doesn't always accomplish what the older stuff did.  My picture above speaks volumes: New Coke vs. Classic Coke.  What was the result?  Classic Coke just worked.  New isn't always better.  Older technology isn't promoted because it makes very little "new money" for the manufacturers.  Of course I will offer plenty

14 Must-Know iPad Tips & Tricks

From OSXDaily comes this concise collection of must-know iPad tips .  These are some of my favorites, too.  Also, scroll down to the comments section for a few additional tips. 

Apple Configurator

O ur school district just purchased 625 iPads with Title 1 grant money for some of our elementary schools. In one week, I have registered and synced the first 120 of those iPads using multiple Bretford PowerSync Carts for iPad .  So far, the process has taken just over eight hours, with many more hours of setup ahead.  While I was away at a tech conference, Apple released a new application for Mac OS X Lion which could vastly simplify the whole process for us.  Here is a video by Randy Saeks from the TechRecess blog which does a great job of introducing Apple Configurator, which sounds like it may be exactly what people in my position have been looking for...and at least for us, it came just in time.   First look at Apple Configurator from Randy Saeks on Vimeo .