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Managing Your Passwords, Downloads and Logins in Google Chrome

Looking for another organizational tech tip? Today I take on Google Chrome and wrestle it into submission. Learn how to manage your passwords, downloads and multiple Google logins inside of the world's most popular browser, G oogle Chrome. Gone are the days when these things managed you.

Using Doctopus and Goobric to Manage Assessment in Google Classroom: A Step-by-Step Guide

Published in March 2016, this is one of my favorite posts from our Port Huron Schools EdTech Weebly blog .  What is a Doctopus, you ask? And for that matter, what is a Goobric? I'm so glad you asked. I took a lengthy look at both tools and put together this step-by-step guide/article that I hope will help teachers tie together three great Google student assessment and management tools: Google Classroom, Goobric (a Google online rubric) and student assignment submissions (linked through Doctopus) all in one place.  Here is the article:   http://

Screencasting on a Chromebook with Snagit for Google Chrome

Today's tip shows how to create screenshots and video tutorials directly from a Chromebook, using the Snagit for Google Chrome extension. Just one more great application from TechSmith, out of Okemos, Michigan, my home state.  

Yes! There Is an Advanced Search in YouTube

Who knew? Well, you will know how to do an advanced search in YouTube after you watch this video. Then, your obsession with watching YouTube videos will become even more specific and specialized. Just the thing we all need, right?

Peer Editing within Google Classroom

Today's tip looks at a method of using Google Classroom and Google Docs with students to peer edit a writing assignment. The video takes a look at the full process of getting the document from within Google Classroom, and then students share the document to allow peer editing comments. Yes, this video is already found below, but I thought you might like to see it on, where the viewing experience is a bit more pleasurable. 

A Crash Course in Bookmarks and Shortcuts

I've decided to pull some of my tech tip videos from the archives and post them here, just in case you missed any. This tip offers my method of computer desktop organization, focusing here on shortcuts and bookmarks.