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The Ultimate List of Microsoft Keyboard Shortcuts

This guide is truly amazing  and updated through Office 2013.  If you've been looking for a keyboard shortcut guide that covers virtually every major product that Microsoft has, this is it.  The table itself may not blow you away, but once you click on each product, you will easily see how great this is.   Extremely well organized by product, application and version, you can even click on links within links.  Make sure you scroll down and click to see sub-sets of each category.  It is truly remarkable how thorough this is, and pleasing to the eye.  Make sure to bookmark it and use it regularly.  

1,000 Categorized "The Best" Lists

Larry Ferlazzo has been a teacher since 2003 and is probably best-known as an ed tech blogger who covers The Best sites to help you teach ELL, ESL and EFL.  He is a Spanish-speaking techie teacher whose blog ( Websites of the Day ) is followed by thousands.  Recently he did his usual mid-year organizing of The Best lists, and found that he now has over 1,300 Best lists.  If you'd like to see them all in one place, here is the massive list by category .  It's best to browse this in small doses, since it would take a lifetime to look at them all.  Use the Ctrl+F keyboard shortcut to search by key word.

MP3 Downloads and More

I stumbled onto  this music download site recently and it seems like one of the better ones around.  Right-click on the link for the file(s) and use "Save Link As" or "Save Target As," depending on which browser you're using.  Not everything on this site is legit, as you can see by its word cloud interface.  But you can find some useful things here.  As always, be very careful!