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PC Maintenance & Internet Security (a new batch)

PC Maintenance & Internet Security Hard Drive Cleaners: Ways to Clean Up Your Hard Drive, Remove Excess Clutter & Junk Files CCLeaner ( ): This free utility cleans up Internet temporary files, history, cookies, it is a registry cleaner, it removes temporary files from Windows and many other applications, as well as emptying your recycle bin and much more. Windows Disk Cleaner : This utility is built into every version of Windows. To find it, double-click on “My Computer,” then right-click on your “C” drive and choose Properties. Then, click on the Disk Cleanup button. Windows Clean-Up : ( ): The famous toilet flush sound initiates this rather famous free utility from programmer Steven Gould. It does pretty much the same things as CCLeaner above, but removes even more, and can be dangerous to use for that reason. Anti-Malware (includes Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware) Remove Bots -- Try Trend MicroTM RUBotted (Beta) Google Pack – A Google se

The Best of Google: It's More Than Just a Search Engine

The Best of Google: It's More Than Just a Search Engine Here is the link to the unabridged version of "The Best of Google: It's More Than Just a Search Engine." Not all of this will be covered in the individual classes. If you are unable to attend any of the classes, you can download the file here . Thanks to Patrick Crispen for his valuable research and unprecedented Google expertise.