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Internet Tips, Tricks, Great Web Sites & Web Services

Featuring many of my favorite Web tips, sites and Web services, here is the handout I used for the Internet Tips, Tricks, Great Web Sites & Web Services class.  It was a pretty big hit: 1. TinyURL : Allows you to turn a long Web site URL into a much shorter one. 2. : Social Bookmarking service allows you to save all of your bookmarks online and access them anywhere that you have an Internet connection. Xmarks Free Bookmark Sync is a free add-on for all popular Web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Apple’s Safari and Google Chrome. Install it from and your bookmarks will be backed up and synchronized from any Web browser you have this installed on. 3. Foxbright : (The PHASD CMS system for building a free classroom, department or school Web site). Check out our How-To’s page for tips and tutorials on using Foxbright, or attend one of our many training workshops to learn how to use it. 4. The WayBack Machine : http://www.archive.or

When YouTube is Blocked...

When YouTube is Blocked (way more than eight ways around)  Joyce Valenza posted this article on her blog back on December 19, 2008.  Most of these sources still work today.  If YouTube is blocked in your district, there are ways around the problem.  Take your pick.