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Transferring Google Drive Data from a School Account to a Home Account (2 Methods)

This year, I have created a couple of tutorial videos and a set of print directions on how to transfer student (and staff) Google data from a district account to a home Google account . This transfer can include only specific selected folders (shown in the Method #1 video below) or your entire Google Drive (shown in the Method #2 video and the print directions below). If you are a student, staff member or teacher who would like to see the different processes, in order to pick the one that best fits your individual needs, please scroll down and check them out. If any senior student asks about this process, please direct them here also. All 12th-grade student accounts in our school district will be deactivated shortly after their last day of school. It is highly recommended that this process be completed before then.  Video Playlist (includes both methods in separate videos) Print Directions   (shows method #2 where you can move everything to a different Google accoun

We Dumped DirecTV for fuboTV. Here Is Why

When we took a good hard look at our monthly entertainment bill, it became increasingly apparent that something would have to go. We had already cancelled Hulu and our phone land line, but that was still not enough. We still had a huge DirecTV bill that was largely going unused from month to month. Something had to be done. Of course my wife and I were hearing from friends and reading more and more articles about "cutting the cable" and going strictly streaming, instead of using satellite or cable TV. This scared me in particular, because I didn't want to lose the local channels, and in the area where we live, a TV antenna is not a good option. For one, our neighborhood has a lack of broadcast reception from a TV antenna. We tried to buy a digital antenna from Best Buy, and they told us that everyone who has ended up returning it due to lack of channels in our area.  I finally did some targeted research. After finally deciding that the cost savings would be worth

Gmail Contacts: Creating Labels, Moving Contacts, and Sharing a Group (2019)

Here is the newly-updated version of one of my most popular videos on YouTube. The old way of sharing contact groups in Gmail is now obsolete. Here is the new way, along with how to create a new label/group, move a contact to one or more labels, and how to get Chrome to ask where to save your downloads. I hope it is even better than the previous video on this topic and that it will clear up the many questions of "Where did everything go?" in trying to complete this import/export process.