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Mark Reviews Chromebook Piano & Drum Apps for Music Teachers

I try to share some of the most comprehensive tips and recommendations I write up for teachers here. This is one of the most recent. When asked what is out there for music teachers to use with students on Chromebooks, particularly if those students are learning at home, I had to start from scratch.  Knowing very little about what was available, I just started with the Piano apps available for Chromebooks, extended it to Android, and then added Web apps that work in the browser, as well.  The music teacher who contacted me about this also wanted to know what was available in the way of drums and drum kits . So I added that as well. Below, you will find a section for each. If you know of additional web tools or apps that may be good for elementary music teachers (with an emphasis on free), please add your comments and recommendations below. Piano Apps Reviewed: Chrome Music Lab (Shared Piano):   Notes:  Chrome Music Lab is