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An Animoto Christmas Tribute for Cinephiles

I created this tribute to my all-time favorite film directors using the free version of Animoto.  I just dropped in pictures (all about the same size) of these great directors and picked one of their Christmas themes.  I like how it turned out.  Give it a try and see what you can come up with.  Try to give yourself a limited time to work on this project.  Animoto is a great tool and the results look very professional.

MHSAA Football State Champions

In honor of Marine City winning the Class 4 2013 state championship for the 2nd time, I am posting a link to the complete (and very colorful) MHSAA Football State Champions list/table for anyone from Michigan who is interested in re-living high school football history.  Definitely an eye-candy trip down memory lane.  

Stephen King Flowchart Update

I first saw this after visiting Bangor, Maine for the 2nd time in my life and after taking the official Stephen King Tour with my wife.  It got me wondering how many of the Stephen King characters and locations were related.  Well, Tessie Girl, who has her own design company, created this pretty amazing Stephen King Flowchart.  The one I originally saw was finished in 2012, but I see that she has revised it for 2013 here , adding even more pieces to it.  An educational inforgraphic if there ever was one, and a good use for the keyboard shortcut Ctrl and + (or Ctrl+roll your mouse wheel up) to get the full benefit of this flow chart.