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The Power User's Guide to the Windows 7 Taskbar

In case anyone missed this great article by Gina and the crew at, I am re-linking it here . It is a must-read for all serious Windows 7 users.

The Kindle Fire vs. Nook Tablet: A Comparison of Features

The Washington Post did a nice feature comparison of the two recently-hot iPad alternative eBook Reader/Tablet competitors. Of course the iPad is much more than just an eBook reader, but so are these two tablets which run modified versions of Android. Take a look at the article and let me know what your choice would be.

Print from Your iPad & Other IOS Devices Using Printopia

Yes, you can easily print from your iPad to the printer connected to your Mac. Printopia is a $10 application that you install on your Mac computer. Then, once installed, you can use your Mac computer's AirPrint feature and print directly from your IOS device (iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone). Take a look at this YouTube video to see how it is done.

25 Apps To Make You More Productive

This article which appeared on should bring you up to date with the latest recommended productivity applications for both business and home users.  There is a Mobile section for smart phone and tablet users.  Many of these you may have heard of before, or may be using now, but there are some that are new to me and definitely worth a look.

Microsoft Office 2010 - Making the Transition from 2003 & Previous

To help you make the transition from an older version of Office to the current one, Office 2010, I have compiled these training resources.  Most of them are from Microsoft, but I also compiled a good one for Word based on what I've learned so far.  Let me know if you'd like to contribute any handouts to help teachers or anyone else making the transition from say 2003 to 2010, like my school district is doing.  It can be a quite traumatic experience.  Microsoft Office 2010 Training Links Microsoft Word 2010 Intro Training Microsoft's Office 2010 Training Site & Documents Getting Started with Office 2010 Learn Where Menu & Toolbar Commands are in Office 2010