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Keyboard Shortcuts: It All Depends on Context (A Deeper Dive)

  Keyboard Shortcuts: It All Depends on Context (A Deeper Dive) It's true. I can write a full in-depth article on just about anything technology-related. Even something as seemingly straightforward as keyboard shortcuts. Who knew how complex this topic could be. You might have wondered why a shortcut like Ctrl+D does one thing in one app or extension, while the same shortcut does something completely different in another. Hopefully, I can shed some light on a bit of the keyboard shortcuts confusion. Here are some things to consider: 1. The keyboard shortcut Ctrl+D in Google Slides or PowerPoint, for example. If you're in Google Slides and you select a graphic object, you can press  Ctrl+D  and it will duplicate the object. This should work the same way for everyone. However, if you are not selecting an object in a slide, but are just in Filmstrip mode instead, pressing  Ctrl+D  will duplicate the slide. And, if you are not in Google Slides but on a random website, pressing Ct

How to Schedule and Run Virtual Parent-Teacher Conferences Through Zoom

The print tutorial below takes teachers step-by-step and shows how to run online parent-teacher conferences using Zoom . It does mention that the conference slots were scheduled using a 3rd-party tool. We use a feature of our SMS, " Skyward ," but your school could have parents sign up for the conference slots using a tool like Google Calendar's "Appointment Slots" feature or a free online tool like Calendly or Signup Genius .  Once the parents have signed up for appointment slots, the tutorial I made will show you screenshots on how to enable and manage the Waiting Room in Zoom so that the teacher can send a message to anyone waiting, letting them know approximately when the current conference session will end, and who is next on the list. I hope this helps you use Zoom for virtual parent-teacher conferences at a time when it is often best to stay at home and still get the essential jobs done.

Taking Better Photos with a Chromebook

l received some requests to create a video with tips for students on how to take better photos on a Chromebook. With students being required to submit assignments via the Chromebook camera, this video gets in-depth about the camera's features, settings, basic photo editing in the Gallery, and how to just make those photos better for turning in to teachers. The video is made for students and teachers, or anyone with a Chromebook who wants to take better photos. Learn how to crop, increase the countdown timer, do a one-click fix, take snapshots from a video (even in Tablet mode), and more. Feel free to share it with anyone who might find it helpful.