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The Best iPad Apps & iPad Resources

It seems that almost everyone affiliated with educational technology (EdTech) is jumping on the iPad bandwagon and compiling a list of the Best iPad Apps for Education.  Why should I be any different?  Here I am offering a collection of lists that have been compiled from PCMag, as well as my pretty thorough online searches for the best of the best.  These resources are the best I've found so far, but they are not strictly EdTech iPad apps.  There is plenty here for everyone.  Please feel free to offer your own insight and personal lists that might help others out. Mark's PHASD iPad Training Notes The Best of the Best iPad Resources (my collected list of resources) Appitic Appolicious Apps in Education TeachWithYouriPad   Apps List The 100 Best iPad Apps (according to Top 200 Best iPad Apps 2012 (according to Education Apps for iPad (Apple) iPad Academy Kathy Schrock's iPads in the Classroom Kit Hard iPad Sessions for Elementary T