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An Introduction to Google Sites: Getting-Started Resources

An Introduction to Google Sites: Getting-Started Resources This week we present some Getting Started Resources for Google Sites.  What makes Google Sites such a powerful tool for teachers and students is that it integrates all of your Google Docs, Slides and Sheets from your Google Drive into one website that you can create (for free) and use in your class every day.   The perfect tool for blended learning, Google Sites is the single Google app which lets you create a classroom website, a student ePortfolio, a video warehouse, an online file cabinet, a daily blog, a reading list, and more.  You may ask, "How can I get started with this tool right away?"  Here is a guide, some video tutorials and a website to get you started.  Use your current district Google account to log in, and then go to to create your site(s).  You can create as many sites as you want. Google Sites: Creating, Editing and Sharing a Site (pdf guide) Google S

Google Sites Training Agenda

On Monday, January 12th, I will be presenting six sessions on Google Sites at Caledonia Community Schools (near Grand Rapids). Click here for the Google Sites Session Handout Creating Your Classroom Website in Google Sites Here is the Agenda for the training session: Pick the 5 most important pages you will want on your website (examples may include the following: Homework, Photos, Assignments, Class Calendar, Newsletter, Contact Info., Blog, Online Resources, Student Work, Videos). What Kinds of Pages Can You Add to Your Site ? (compare the different page types). How to Set Up the Navigation of Your Site (edit the Sidebar menu and/or Horizontal menu). How to Create a Web Link (to a shared document or to any website). How to Add Pictures to Your Site (from your computer or from the Web). How to Add a Video to Your Site (embedded, or as a Web link). How to Add a Calendar to Your Site (from your Google Cmalendar). Gadgets That Can be Added (examples of different

Google Drive and Docs Training from

One thing I don't like about most free online training (especially Google training) is that it becomes dated so quickly.  So quickly, in fact, that it just isn't very helpful.  GCF is one of the exceptions to this rule.   The training they provide for Google Drive and Docs on this page alone is very much up-to-date with Google Drive's current interface and the changes they have made are reflected in this recent online offering.  If you browse the rest of their site, you will also see that they have free training for other up-to-date software like Microsoft Office 2013, as well as new training for apps like Pinterest, Instagram, a new YouTube tutorial, a free Photoshop Basics tutorial, a free Excel Formulas tutorial and an updated iOS 8 lesson.  Register for a free online class in any of the Microsoft Office applications, including Access 2010 and 2013.  These classes remain free through generous donations received at GCF Donation Centers and Stores throug