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LG BD390 Network Blu-Ray Player Review

The Product of the Year: The LG BD390 Network Blu-Ray Player I have just bought what I feel is the Product of the Year. The reason why I say this is because all year I have been looking for a Blu-Ray player that does everything and plays everything. None have come close until this one. LG makes other Blu-Ray players, but this is the one with a Wi-Fi connection , and that is what makes all the difference. The Features So far I have not even tried using this Blu-Ray player to play Blu-Ray DVDs.  I have read many reviews that say this is one of the faster players around, loading and displaying DVDs quicker than almost any other player available.  But what I bought it for are the other features, which I have tested and can verify:  It has a built-in USB port on the front right side that allows you to plug in an external hard drive and play your DivX movies, MP3 music files, digital photos and a variety of other formats.   These media formats include file extensions that many

8 Ways to Watch TV and Movies Without Cable

8 Ways to Watch TV and Movies Without Cable

10 Things Missing from Windows 7

When Microsoft launched Windows 7, many of the features users were used to in Windows Vista didn't make their way to the new edition . This eWEEK slide show highlights some Vista features that were dropped from Windows 7, a few features we wish Microsoft had included and even a couple of services that technically are in Windows 7 but that users have the option to remove. 10 Things Missing from Windows 7 By Don Reisinger Originally appeared in What's Hot Now with Stephen Wellman Posted using ShareThis

Computer Training for Seniors and Newbies

For my class on Basic Computer Skills, I did some research and found two excellent sources of information that we can use as jumping-off points. I plan to follow these two documents in class. Please download these documents and open them on your computer: 20 Basic Technology Skills basic %20technology%20 skills .doc This will be a very helpful guide for future classes. Also, browse the various tools and tips found in this blog from previous posts and you will find a lot more that you can use daily.

Best Free Online Storage & Backup Application Services

Connect Gaming Devices To Your Network

Playing Nice With Others Connect Gaming Devices To Your Network Your new home network is certainly capable of doing heavy data lifting and acting as a conduit for all the passive entertainment you can handle. But sometimes, you need to interact with your technology and with the people around you. Hence, the emergence of networked gaming and all the new tools for game consoles to take advantage of network and Internet connections. We’ll discuss the Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii game systems in terms of tapping your network to enhance their gaming capabilities, as well as ways in which you can use the consoles as media extenders on your network. Though the systems have some similarities with regard to networking, there are also important differences when choosing which system to connect or when combining the systems on a network. Connect To Your Network We'll start with the Xbox. Connecting an Xbox to yo