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LG BD 670 3D Wireless Network Blu-Ray Player Review

Watch Product did a review on the new LG Blu-Ray player which I just bought.  The review includes a nice CNet video review at the bottom, so that you can see this great player in action.  With the ability to play movies, music and pictures from a USB flash drive or external hard drive, as well as streaming services like MLB.TV, Pandora, Netflix, YouTube, HuluPlus, Vudu and Picasa Web Albums and more all over wireless or wired network connections, this should be exactly what you're looking for in your next Blu-Ray player. 

Top 10 Remote Control & Streaming Tools

Two of my current favorite topics are media streaming and remote control/VPN solutions.  In this article , Lifehacker did a great job of combining both topics into a Best Of.  Anywhere from DJ-ing your iTunes from any room to watching recorded TV (without SlingBox) to giving remote tech support.  And pay close attention to #9 on the list: Installing Wake-on-LAN for remote power-ups.  This Top 10 is absolutely indispensable . 

Five Great Personal Media Streaming Tools

If you want to stream media from your own collection, here are five great solutions for streaming your own personal media over your home network, or even over the Internet outside your own house. Thanks to Lifehacker for providing this impressive list of great tools .  

CrossLoop Lets You Fix a Friend or Relative's Computer Remotely

Over the last several years, CrossLoop has been reviewed by such excellent publications as CNet , The Wall Street Journal , MakeUseOf and LifeHacker .  I tried it out and now I swear by it.  For those of you who don't already know about this tool, let me set the scanario.  Grandpa, Grandma, your aunt, your uncle, your friend, your co-worker (fill in the blank) who has deemed you their own personal tech support - needs help with their computer.  You have plans tonight (or not) and just don't want to drive all the way to his/her house just to fix the computer.   CrossLoop is an extremely simple tool that you can send to that person in need of computer help.  You can send them a link to download it (click on the CrossLoop logo up top to download it).  Once they download CrossLoop, they then click the "Share" tab and send you (by phone or by e-mail) their Access Code.  They click the " Connect " button (under the Share tab) and you click the Connect button

GreenCine: Better Than Netflix? At Least an Alternative

For the film buffs out there like me, I have found an alternative to Netflix.  True, Netflix has abandoned their latest stupid idea: to create a separate site for DVD rentals apart from their streaming site.  Quikster won't happen, thank heaven.  But, what if you're just having trouble finding what you're looking for on Netflix?  For instance, I am still a big DVD collector and I am particular about which edition of each movie I watch.  Netflix just doesn't always have what I'm looking for: 2-Disc sets, some Criterion editions, out-of-print titles, etc.  So, I did a search one night to find an alternative that I could subscribe to (maybe 1-2 titles out at a time).  I found exactly what I was looking for in  This review does an excellent job of describing GreenCine .  The site/service has been around for at least seven years and counting, and is enough like Netflix that a new user won't have too much to learn, and it fills needs that Netflix doesn&

When Windows Security Goes Rogue

I have done so much research on the topic of rogue security programs, malware and trojans, but this new article by is a nice update on the topic, complete with a great slideshow that includes many of the latest rogue culprits.  Take a look and be sure to show it to your friends, so they understand about how so-called "security" programs can actually do the opposite of what they say.  The worst viruses are coming from rogue security software. 

Mark's Library

In an effort to keep all new tutorial videos in one place, I have created a account and my Library is now posted .  It will be a work-in-progress, but this is where everything new will be stored.  Now you all have a link .  Feel free to request future "screencasts," and I will do my best to create them according to need.  Thanks to TechSmith for creating such wonderful tutorial-creation tools.  They just keep getting better.

Get Rid of the "Speed Up Browsing by Disabling Add-Ons" Pop-Up Message Now!

Without a doubt, one of the most annoying of Microsoft's new pop-up notifications.  I hope this tip helps you to better cope with Internet Explorer 9's incessant " Speed Up Browsing By Disabling Add-Ons " pop-up message.  It's always the little things... Just one of many great tips for Windows 7 users at Windows User ( ).