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How to Place Text on Top of a Picture or a Picture Behind Text in Google Docs: The Workarounds

Here is a common question from a Google Docs user: So here's the deal...I would like to insert a picture into a Google Doc. I would like the picture to be behind the text. I looked up online for an answer, and found that I must: Insert the picture as a drawing. Add a text box to the drawing and insert the text. This seems very cumbersome...Any thoughts? Great question. Unfortunately, you have hit on one of Google Docs' biggest flaws/limitations. It has no "Behind Text" text wrapping feature.  Microsoft Word  does have this feature though (see my screenshot below). I'm not sure what you are creating, so I'm not sure if it is something you could do in Microsoft Word instead. Also, many peple out there simply don't have a full-blown licensed version of Microsoft Word. What I did below was to insert a photo and then type some text, click on the Text Wrapping button, and then chose  Behind text . Then, I used the Windows Snipping Tool (found in nearly