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Google Drive's Priority Workspaces

This demo of Google Drive's Priority section goes over both parts: the 10 recent documents at the top, and then the Priority Workspaces. Learn how to create a new Workspace, and then see how easy it is to insert Google documents into each workspace multiple ways. It is a true time-saver and organizational tool, giving you quick access to what you need for each topic or class.

How to Enable or Disable the Reading List in Google Chrome

How to Enable or Disable the Reading List in Google Chrome By   Sergey Tkachenko | Mar. 4th, 2021 Send to Kindle Here is how you can enable the Reading List in Google Chrome. This is Google's answer the to Collections feature available in Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. With the Reading List, you can collect and organize links to various websites, and check them later. It works like an advanced bookmark manager. The Reading List has been quickly created by Google.  It took only half a year for the company to bring it to the stable version of the browser. The Reading List feature was first spotted in July 2020, and went through a rapid development cycle. Google was initially using "Read later" for the feature name, and had a number of UI versions. Initially, it was looking like a folder in the bookmarks bar. Eventually, Google renamed it "Reading List," and closely integrated it with bookmarks. Now it is rolling out to the public with  Chrome 89 , so ensure t