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Limit an iOS Device to Running a Single App

Tony Vincent is an Apple devices training guru who has his own site at   I discovered this short tutorial about locking students into one single app, which is a nice new accessibility feature of iOS 6.  Check out this tutorial here , which introduces us to Guided Access .  To launch Guided Access, do the following: Tap on the Settings . Go to General and choose Accessibility . Turn Guided Access On. Set a passcode. Launch the app you want to lock the device into. Triple-click the Home button. You can choose to disable touch or motion, in addition to disabling the Home and volume buttons. Tap the Start button.

Interactive Websites for Whiteboards

Interactive Websites Collection by Stacy Biscorner, Instructional Coach, Port Huron Area School District, Port Huron, MI.

Windows 8 Navigation Quick Tips

I subscribe to the daily MicroNugget from CBT Nuggets.  Much of their training is for the true IT geek, but this one is particularly useful for anyone who has bought a new computer with Windows 8 .  It seems so foreign if you're using a mouse and keyboard.  Thanks go out to Don Jones for creating such a helpful tutorial that is just loaded with keyboard tips in a mere five minutes.

How To Take Control of Your Personal Finances

Jill Duffy writes some excellent articles for PCMag and this week she wrote a particularly relevant article that fit right in with the presentation I gave on "Tech Tools to Organize Your Life."  Her article is called "Get Organized: How to Take Control of Your Personal Finances."   The whole process of doing a spending log and how that helps you create a budget, and then using such great online resources as to link to all of your accounts is so helpful.  It's all about being organized, and it's not too late to grab hold of all of it with the use of technology to guide you.  I'd be curious to know which of these tools has helped you and what your go-to apps are for managing your finances. 

Tech Tools to Organize Your Life

On February 6th, I presented " Tech Tools to Organize Your Life " for the Computer Operators of Marysville (C.O.M.P.) in downtown Port Huron.  It had been a while since I'd seen this group.  The last time I presented for them, I was doing Tips & Tricks for Windows 7 .   Their web site is if you want to check out this computer user group, now celebrating its 30th year in existence. This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office Web Apps .

Siskel & Ebert Review Taxi Driver (1976)

I just couldn't resist posting this.  It's a nice piece of history - even before Siskel & Ebert were on PBS.  Siskel had a moustache and the opening credits were much different.  Since this is one of my all-time favorite films, I thought it might be nice to look back.  Guess which one liked "Taxi Driver" and which one didn't.