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Store and Share Everywhere: Great Cloud-Based Services for Educators

This is a topic I have presented before and will present again soon. The magic and power of cloud-based storage is nothing new. However, for those who haven't tried at least one of these services, there are so many benefits.  Google Drive, of course, comes to mind right away. Our school district in Port Huron now has Google Apps for Education, so that is an obvious choice. It comes with 30 GB of online storage space. I already had a Dropbox account though, which I still use regularly, not to mention my reliance on Evernote and how much I strongly recommend CloudOn for the iPad and SkyDrive for those wanting to use Microsoft Office online.  They all have their place, at least for a techie guy like myself. Do I recommend that you use all of them? Not necessarily. But they are all here in this presentation, along with their pros and cons compared. I hope you get something out of this. I continue to use all of them, but in different situations and for different reasons.