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Combining Multiple Google Forms Results into a Single Spreadsheet with Separate Tabs

It is possible to create multiple Google Forms and have them all feed into the same spreadsheet. What makes this technique useful is that you can have different groups of users filling out different forms in different locations, and all of these results can go into the same spreadsheet, but the results will be automatically filtered into the correct tab at the bottom. I say "automatically," but first you will need to set up the form(s) to know where to go.  I created the video tutorial below because I know I will be referring to it for various scenarios, which include: Teachers who want to give out a copy of the same Quiz in Google Forms to multiple classes but have the results feed into the same Google Sheet. Technology trainers (or any trainers) who provide classes during the year and want to keep a record of all class lists in the same spreadsheet. Using a Google Form for each class session, all of the class lists can feed into the same master spreadsheet. Band directors w