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Using QuickTime to Do a Free Screencast in Mac OS X

Martin Bryant did this nice article a while back which appeared on . It's all about doing a screencast on a Mac without the need for any additional 3rd-party software.  I was unaware that the version of QuickTime that shipped with Snow Leopard included the ability to record your screen.  There is also a nice tip included on how to Zoom In by simply holding down the Control key and check out the video at the end that brings it all together. 

Download QuickTime Movies without QuickTime Pro

QuickTime Pro is a $30 add-in for Apple's QuickTime that allows you to download QuickTime videos to your Windows PC or Mac.  This how-to from shows you how to download QT videos in Firefox without having QuickTime Pro.  This is far from being the only way to do it.  I've had good luck with both FlashGot (my favorite) and DownloadHelper.  If you have a method of doing this with IE or Google Chrome, let us know.  

10 Things I Like about PowerPoint 2010

Our school district has picked this year to upgrade from Office 2003 to Office 2010.  After a week of using the new PowerPoint 2010, here are my favorite features and/or improvements over previous versions:  1.   Broadcast  your slideshow from a shared link (under  File>>Save & Send>>Broadcast Slideshow , or  Slideshow>>Broadcast Slideshow ).  The link apparently does not require a log-in to view. 2.  Save a slideshow as a Windows Media  Video .  Send out the video by e-mail or any other method of sharing. 3.  Videos are now  embedded  instead of just linked files, so you don't lose your video if you share it with someone.  Each video has playback controls within the slide. 4.  There are now only 9 New Slide layouts instead of 20 or more.  The Content layout has placeholders for 6 different kinds of inserts, including SmartArt, ClipArt, Picture, Table, Chart and Video. 5.  You can save files directly to your Windows Live  SkyDrive  account u

Photo Transfer App for IOS and Android-Highly Recommended!

Sometimes you may run into problems transferring photos from an iPad to your Mac.  I ran into a situation today where someone had copied hundreds of photos to their iPad.  The photos were not strictly in the Camera Roll folder, but were showing up in the iPad's built-in Photos app.  When connected to a PC, only the pics taken with the iPad 2's camera showed up.  The other 100-plus photos were hidden somewhere else.  With this $2.99 app called Photo Transfer App and a wi-fi connection, you can transfer any photo from your IOS and Android devices directly to your computer.  But wait, there's more.  You can transfer photos from your iPhone to your iPad, and vice versa wirelessly.   $2.99 is money well spent.  This is the kind of app I love the most.  The kind that does something functional that you couldn't easily do previously.  And, it has received pretty much ALL 5-star reviews so far in the iTunes App Store.  You can't say that about very many apps.  Take a lo