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Is Your iPad Still Under Warranty? and i99Repair

I am usually the one who is called when something goes wrong with an iPad in our school district.  One iPad resource that I have found helpful lately in dealing with some of these problems is theipadguide .  The first page I often go to is their quick article, " How can I check if my iPad is covered under warranty " because that is one of the most common questions I get about iPads.  The site also has some great FAQs, forums, an accessory guide and more helpful articles.  We have also priced some iPad repair services.  Some local; others out-of-state.  One name that has popped up lately and really looks promising is i99Repair out of Idaho.  Their site has an online chat where you can ask questions, and they have a simple step-by-step process for repairs: You just pick your device, such as iPad Repair, Select a device and model, Select a repair service needed (such as iPad 2 Black Screen Repair) and add it to the Cart.  Review your shopping cart and proceed to check

Back Up Your iPhone's SMS Messages and Voice Mails

It sounds like a two-for-one deal, but it's actually two tips in one.   Hongkiat .com has a great article on how to back up SMS messages from an iPhone .   I see three methods for this, and two of them require your computer.   The iOS being a closed system makes it more difficult to do this than on, say, an Android phone.   It requires locating your SMS Backup file.   On my Android phone, I just downloaded an amazing app called SMS Backup   which gets an average rating of 4.6 stars from all of its reviewers in the Google Play Store.  That is high praise, and since I have used it successfully, I also checked in with a 5-star rating.  It couldn't be simpler.  You just install the app and tap the Backup button and it backs up all of your SMS messages to your Gmail account and creates an SMS section at the left, which syncs all of your current and future texts into that Gmail folder.  Every time I get a text on my phone, it goes directly into the SMS label in my Gmail.  But this i

Free Tech Resource of the Year: GCF

Each year I like to think back on the best tech resources I have used and promoted.  Some years I can pick out a single favorite. Other years it is more difficult to narrow it down.  This year, there is a clear-cut winner. Judging by the wide-eyed and opened-mouth looks I get when showing this resource for the first time, there are many out there who have never heard of GCF ( ) but I hope that by promoting it here, even more people will become aware of it.  Where to begin.  I like to start by showing the " All Topics " page.  I'll admit.  I've always loved to overwhelm people at first, and the "All Topics" page is overwhelming.  But it shows that has more than just computer/tech topics.  Over 250 free video tutorials posted on/from YouTube, and over 750 free lessons on a multitude of technology programs, including the entire Microsoft Office suite, Google Apps and Apple devices training.  Even a cou

How to Really Speed Up Your PC (And Avoid PC Cleanup Scams)

Those who know me already know that I have run a computer repair business out of my home for about 10 years now.  Most of the "repairs" I do are still virus removal jobs.  But people usually don't like to pay to have viruses removed from their computer.  They feel that there must be an easy way to just speed up their computer using an online or quickly-purchase tool off the Internet.  Sometimes tools like this just pop up offering to fix problems easily for about $39.99.  One of my favorite tech resources, the How-To Geek, recently wrote an article found here which explains why these PC Cleanup tools are scams, and went on to offer real, legit ways to fix your computer on your own.  I don't mind sharing this tip because I'd like to add more free time to my evening schedule, and I believe this will help me to do that.