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Great Technology Resources for Adults Trying to Keep Up with Teens

There are many technology obstacles for adults over 50 trying to keep up with their kids and grand-kids who were raised with computers from their very birth. Here is a collection of resources that will help adults catch up with their kids and bridge the gap a bit better with regard to technology (in both skills and knowledge): 1) Understanding computers and Internet basics, spreadsheets, word processing, operating systems, etc. Training is free from the St. Clair County Library. For an updated schedule of classes, just download the latest issue of their newsletter. It is available at -click on the latest issue of the newsletter. The Computer Training Schedule is in the Winter 2008-2009 issue on page 6. 2) Understanding the latest educational technology tools, such as interactive whiteboards, student responders (clickers), computer tips and shortcuts, building Web sites cheaply, using PowerPoint, and finding the best Web Sites for every occasion. Training