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Free Music Resources for Schools

Richard Byrne featured a couple of great free resources for schools on his blog ( FreeTech4Teachers ) which I would also like to recommend.  Schools are always asking me for ways to download free music and sounds to use in presentations with their classes.  Check out these before trying anything else:  FreeMusicArchive Royalty Free Music   Soundzabound Free Sound Project Sound Snap   If you have a favorite place to find royalty-free music, please let me know.  For now, these look pretty good.    

Recommended Photo Editing Sites & Free/Legal Images

Now that my favorite photo editing web site, Picnik , is shutting down on April 19th (thanks to Google), here are some alternative and recommended photo editing sites to replace it: (requires a login, but also includes a music creator, audio editor, screen capture, effects editor and even a vector editor). Sumo Paint  (this is a lot like Photoshop, but may be too complex and powerful for most quick-use situations) (good, basic photo editor. A nice replacement for Picnik) Pixer (as simple as you can get.  Just upload, re-size or crop, and then save and re-name back to your computer). Creative Kit in Google+ (Picnik recommends this, although I haven't tried it yet myself).  If none of these excite you, there are even more online photo and graphics tools in this article from Brad Andersohn 's blog ( ).  Replacing Picnik will take a little getting used to, but I'm sure we will all manage and discover some great new pho