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Using Voice Typing in Google Docs

Google Apps are changing daily, and if there is a missing feature you've been looking for, you may just want to re-check, to see if it has been added recently. For instance, I just found out that Google Docs now has the capability of voice typing , found within the Tools menu. All you need, of course, is a microphone. Teachers with a document camera in their classrooms already have a microphone built right in. On the Recordex model, to enable the microphone, simply open the XSight software and go down to the toolbar at the bottom. Click on the Options button in the lower left-hand corner (see below). Then, in the Options window under the Device tab, go down to the Audio section and click next to Audio device . Select Microphone Array (RecordexUS) . Finally, click Save . To use the Voice typing feature within Google Docs, open any Google Doc and click on the Tools menu at the top. Select Voice typing . Now, you can use your voice to type a document.  This enables

Ways to Create Bookmarks and Shortcuts

Here is my latest tips video. I hope you find it helpful. I received enough requests to make it well worthwhile. Being unable to create a one-minute video on any topic, here is a thorough look at various ways to create bookmarks and shortcuts.