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Resources & Tools for Creating a Free Business Logo

Desktop Apps to Use: In Google Docs ( ) , use the Add-In called Open ClipArt .  This adds ClipArt to your Google Docs. In Google Slides ( ) , go to the Insert menu and insert WordArt, Line, Shape and Image. In PowerPoint , go to Insert>>Pictures or Insert>>Shapes.   Use a different slide for each of your logo designs. Note : Upload to Google Drive when finished.   Legal Image Search Tips: In Google Slides : If you go to  Insert>>Image , use the Search tab.  It searches only images that are free and legal to use to use (not copyrighted).  Creative Commons (CC Search) :   What makes CC Search so great is that it is more than just an image search. Search 12 different media sites from within one page (including Flickr, Google and YouTube). It searches music and video sites as well as images. : Free high-quality images. Only requires a login if you want to save the images to your account. Ot