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The Best Sites for Windows Tips,
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Lately, I have been visiting some of the better Windows "tweak sites" looking for answers to the various problems I encounter in customer computers.
Miles Comer's Tweak Site: Tiny Empire is one such site. Miles is a tech who does IT support for one of Cingular's offices. This got me to thinking about other tweak sites that I use, so I did some further research.

I really love the site called
Lifehacker which is basically a tips blog like the one you're reading now, but its topics are very broad and not always specific to just Windows. There are links to Mac OS X and Linux posts, time-saving tricks, How-Tos (like how to jailbreak your iPhone in 45 seconds), and even the occasional cleaning tips, such as "How to Remove Pet Hair from Anything." Lifehacker makes for fascinating daily reading.

If you want a great highly-researched list of Windows Tips, Tricks and Tweaks, check out the list compiled by one of my favorite tech sites,
Tech Support Alert. Gizmo Richards is the editor for this site, and he has compiled an excellent list of the best sites to go to if you want your PC to run faster, or if you just need to find out how to fix something specific in Windows. Here is a link to the list:

At roughly 20 different sites, I hope you will find something useful here that you didn't already know about. Happy reading!


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