OfficeOne: Addins
(Great PowerPoint Addins)
It all started when I was creating a PowerPoint slide show and every time I clicked the "New Slide" button, it defaulted to that ever-familiar slide layout that says "Click to add title" and "Click to add subtitle." If you use PowerPoint regularly, you know what I'm talking about. I wanted a way to have it default to the "Blank Presentation" layout. It seemed like a simple thing to ask, but I couldn't figure it out. So I did a Google search and uncovered a site that has many Addins like this for PowerPoint (and a few for Publisher, too). This site includes tips, tricks and examples of the features available in Microsoft Office Products through VBA and Win32 API.

At the time of this posting, there are now 14 free addins on this site, including the one I used called "Set Default Slide Layout" for PowerPoint. The site also has some fabulous tips on such topics as Presentation Effects (like How to get the Pulsate effect? just to name one) and PowerPoint in Multi-monitor Setups. There are also very specific and extremely helpful PowerPoint tips, such as How do I directly refer to a slide within a presentation? There is also a Utilities section on the site which helps solve some problems in an easier way, like ShowMouse which keeps your mouse displayed during slide shows. There is a link for Power Management Utilities: a set of 4 utilities that allow you to assign keyboard shortcuts to Hibernate and Suspend. Now that is useful! I found a lot here that I could use, and I'm sure you will too. Avid PowerPoint users will rejoice.


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