Google Page Creator

Despite the fact that I am touting as having an even better set of Office tools than Google, there are still many reasons to use the Google Apps. One of these tools is Google Page Creator and I am recommending it as a quick, easy and free method of whipping up a decent Web site and getting it online in seconds. Here is a quick site that I created for a class called "Intro to Google". I can then put links to Google tutorials or any other site that I wish to include. There are currently 41 different themes (or as Google calls them, "Looks") and 4 different layouts with varying numbers of columns.

The newest features include image editing and the ability to create multiple sites. When you first sign in to Google Page Creator, Google automatically gives you a site with the same name as your Gmail address. Now you can create up to five sites with different URLs. For example, you can have in addition to
Here is an example of a 2nd site that I created for my side business: ( This site is definitely a work in progress. I've spent all of 5 minutes on it so far. My main Home site in Google Page Creator is

If you don't mind having "" as part of your domain, this is one of the best and quickest ways to get a site on the Web in minutes, and might I mention, WITHOUT ADS. No ads at all so far, and of course Google Page Creator is a free way to create Web sites.


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