Powerbullet Presenter

Bring flash with your Web sites without getting Flash, or complicated. Creating Flash animations isn’t easy, but a bit of Flash here and there can lift a site from the mundane to something much more interesting. Powerbullet Presenter enables you to build a slick animated Flash presentation by typing, clicking and dragging. Simply drop in sounds and images from other sources and paste in formatted text from other applications. Eventually, you have a Flash animation. Features include gradient fills, page transitions, animation of any elements, including color and transparency changes, navigation buttons, full-screen mode and much more. When you're done, Powerbullet builds the .swf file (or Flash file) along with the HTML Web page for embedding into your code. It even creates an .exe file that can be run independently. All of this is contained in a Powerbullet project folder stored as a sub-folder in "My Documents." It’s all completely free, with no ads or nag screens.

Some might find that it has a bit of a learning curve at first, since apart from some familiar toolbar buttons, many of the menus are quite different from what you're used to in PowerPoint and Word. I think it is worth trying though, since many people will never learn Flash or buy that program. If you download Powerbullet Presenter, you really have no excuse not to put something more interesting than text and static images on your site.

Click here to go to the Powerbullet Home page.
Click here to go to the download page.


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