I love the Google applications as much as anyone. Google Earth, GMail, Google Docs and Spreadsheets, Google Page Creator. They're all excellent, and this is by no means a comparison...but have you heard of ZOHO.com? This site is an online office package like you wouldn't believe. This blog post sheds more light on what this amazing Web Office package means in the scheme of things, and this blogger's post sums up Zoho's magic in more glowing detail.

Just take a look at the Home Page (to the left) and you will see the main features of this suite. Project Management software (Zoho Projects), an online note taker (Zoho Notebook), Web Conference (Zoho Meeting), Wiki, Database, online business solutions, an online organizer, and of course the basic core features that Google has, such as chat, presentation, spreadsheet and word processing. Judge for yourself whether the breadth of these tools stack up or surpass those of Google.

As mentioned, it has some features that Google does not have yet, like the database and business tools. I have only seen less than a one-hour demo of Zoho's basics, so I cannot comment on how good all of it is yet, but I can say right now that I am excited to use it and spread the word. Let me know what you think...


  1. Google is great, ZOHO is for business. Their CRM tool is unbelievable!


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