Adobe Acrobat Pro 8 Tutorial by Leslie Fisher

One of the most entertaining and informative technology trainers working today is Leslie Fisher. If you have not seen one of her one-hour sessions at Michigan's MACUL conference, or any other tech conference for that matter, then you really should seek her out. And if you don't get a chance to see her perform, then you can stop by her Web site:

Leslie is truly one of the most engaging tech people wandering around the planet today, and she really knows her stuff. She is one of those rare people who could be considered an expert in her field. Specializing in training sessions on Adobe and Apple products, she has gained quite a following as a speaker, after appearing in some of the bigger tech conferences in the country. Her dynamic sessions for the past several years on the capabilities of Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional have been a great draw at MACUL. Here is the page where you can download her handout from that session:

Included in this page is Leslie Fisher's Adobe Acrobat 8 Tutorial and a great new handout on Gadgets (2008), being the self-proclaimed "gadget queen" that she is, as well as tutorials full of screenshots for Adobe's Contribute and Dreamweaver, handouts for older versions of Photoshop Elements, Flash and also FileMaker Pro. But the one on Acrobat 8 Pro is my favorite, with Gadgets 2008 running a close 2nd place (in my opinion). Browse the various tidbits on her site, and you will definitely get a taste of her wonderful sense of humor. For example, there is a link on her site to her Calendar, where you can see (quote) "what conferences I am presenting at, and what trouble I am causing." You can hire her for Web Design, as well as for a guest speaking engagement.

I recommend this site because I have seen her in action, and this is someone who I always recommend seeing in person. So far, no one has been disappointed with what Leslie can do.


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