Dave's Site and HTML Tutorial

HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners
(Just Part of Dave's Site)

People who are serious about creating Web sites often put the cart before the horse and learn WYSIWYG programs like Dreamweaver, FrontPage, GoLive, etc. But where they really should start is with HTML programming. They should learn the basics of HTML code, so they can at least understand how it works. It helps to know some HTML, especially when problems arise. This way you can figure out how to fix some of those problems. It's kind of like knowing a little bit of Spanish or a little bit of French. You never know when you'll need it - to help get you out of a jam.

Inspirational cancer survivor Dave Kristula owns and runs Dave's Site (http://www.davesite.com), which has some excellent Interactive Tutorials (as he calls them) for such topics as CSS, Web Site Design, and the Internet in general (Dave's Beginners Guide to the Internet). But the overall highlight of the site for many people is the aforementioned HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners. I seriously recommend this tutorial to anyone with the least interest in learning HTML programming. It is called an "interactive" tutorial because you get to try out what you've learned as you go along. In other words, you get to test your skills right after finishing a lesson. This works well, since HTML is not something you can just read about and remember without actually doing it hands-on.

The site has been online for 12 years, and it is quite a reputable resource for anyone interested in learning about Web design, Web publishing or just about anything Internet related. True, the site is full of advertising, but most of the advertising is actually helpful, such as affordable Web hosting services, free software, and other Web-related tools. And the tutorials are very well laid-out and useful in terms of learning the basics of the above topics.

On Dave's Site, you will also find his Guide to Speeding up Windows, as well as his technology blog and his first book (now available in paperback): The Crumpled Note: A Teenager's Battle with Cancer. Another interesting resource is "The History of the Internet" which is useful reading for anyone. The point is that just about everything on this site is worth taking a look at. This guy really knows his stuff, and today it is a pleasure to read content over glitz, in a world where glitz seems to be gaining momentum on the Web. Try out davesite.com and you will definitely find something of value to add to your Web knowledge.


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