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Since I do computer training for a liviing, I really marvel when I find others who do the same thing, but who train in areas that I have yet to learn, or who have skills that I aspire to. Trainers who have reached standout status. Authors, high-paid conference speakers, etc. I could list some of my favorites: Leslie Fisher, Patrick Crispen, Deke McClelland, Colin Smith and Scott Kelby. The list goes on, but these are some of my mentors, even though they don't know me personally. Recently I glimpsed some of the training titles available from the exceptional Total Training collection by Janine Warner. I was immediately intrigued by her smooth, knowledgable demeanor and excellent, calming vocal delivery. She's easy on the eyes, too :-)

Janine is a master of all things Web: from Dreamweaver (she's the author of the best-selling Dreamweaver for Dummies and Web Sites for Dummies books) to tackling the daunting task of creating a 13-hour set of Microsoft Expression Web video training series. Expression Web is the new replacement for Microsoft's FrontPage. Janine speaks at various tech conferences and has a fascinating Web site (called DigitalFamily) which is filled with step-by-step graphic tutorials for the Web, most of which involve Dreamweaver or Expression Web, although there are other topics covered, too. This site is ad-filled, mostly promoting her work with Total Training, but for anyone who is highly interested in learning how to do great Web sites, Janine is your girl. She seems to be able to make even the most complex and dynamic Web design tasks seem do-able, or at least learnable. I look forward to watching her Total Training videos and spending more time on her Web site.


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