Easily Send Those Big Attachments
I know from experience that many people don't even consider things like file size and file formats when they send out e-mail attachments. Then they wonder why the person they were sending a 20 mb collection of pictures, or a 50 mb PowerPoint slideshow never received it. The reality is that most computer users have a free Hotmail, Yahoo or GMail account. And, even though Google boasts that their highly-touted GMail system allows you to store well over 2 gb of e-mail, they still have strict limits as to the file size of your attachments. Here is a way around that. Assuming that you are not trying to send a full-length feature film or collection of music CDs, this option will do very nicely. Senduit ( is a site that I stumbled across during a training session recently. It is an amazing exercise in simplicity, because it only does one thing, and does it well. It allows you to send any type of file up to 100 mb in size to anyone in the world. You set up the amount of days they can download the file, and then after that set number of days, the file disappears from the server. Of course, once that person you sent it to has downloaded it, it remains on his/her computer. It just cannot be downloaded anymore from you.

In the past, I have used ( to send files up to 100 mb for free to anyone - using their Lite version. This service is also completely free, but the advantage of using Senduit is that YouSendIt requires some time on the part of the user and receiver to sign up for an account, and even though it can be a free account, in this day and age of high-speed everything, most people simply don't want to take the time to set up that account. So, turn to Senduit, which does not require you to set up an account at all. You simply follow the basic steps of uploading your file (any type of file), sharing your link (via e-mail, for example), setting up the amount of time in which it can be downloaded, such as 30 minutes, 1 day, 2 days, etc. Send off that Web link, and off it goes. The receiving person simply downloads the file directly and quickly. No need to involve your e-mail service and its strict file attachment size limits. This is how you can send a 90 mb video clip using the free Hotmail or Yahoo mail, because you're merely sending a link to where someone can download it.

Now, if 100 mb is not enough space, I will have other tips in this blog in future weeks that will address that dilemma, too. For now, just break up those huge files into pieces and Senduit will take care of the rest.


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