What is your choice for the best free Internet radio site? Mine, at least for now, is There is no .com at the end of the address, and if you do type in, you will not get this site, but a pretty bland Web page with just the SKYfm logo in big bright letters. Why is SKYfm so good? Well, first of all, from a purely educational perspective, it is not blocked by most school district Web filters. In fact, it is not blocked by any of the Web filters I have seen so far. I'm not exactly sure why that is yet, but it's your best bet for online radio at work, and maybe that has become its reputation. It sounds good to me. Here is what you get for free:
    • 35 completely different radio channels convering every format imaginable,
    • A recent playlist of the last 6 songs and the current song for each station,
    • Support for both Windows Media Player and Winamp players, as well as others,
    • Up to 96 k in MP3-streaming audio quality, just under CD quality and higher than most offline FM stations,
    • Jimi King live on Sundays in Video on the Smooth Jazz channel,
    • A drop-down "Listen Now" menu categorized by format,
    • New stations added regularly.

For a premium price starting at $4.95 per month, you get:

  • Perfect CD-quality AAC, Windows Media and MP3 formats at 128-192 k,
  • Extra high quality sound without any ads and no busy servers,
  • All Web banners are removed.

Give a try, and see what you think. It does nicely for now, until it too is added to your at-work Web filter.


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