Top 100 Tools for Learning

A Serious List of Software Tools
I have been an avid list-maker since I was little kid. Lists of favorite actors, actresses, movies, songs, TV shows, etc. The list goes on. Maybe it stems from borderline OCD. I just think it's fun. Well, Jane Hart and the Center for Learning and Performance Technologies (out of the UK) has compiled a list from the contributions of 155 learning professionals (from both education and workplace learning) who shared their top 10 Tools for Learning, both for their own personal learning/productivity, and for creating learning solutions for others. Now, here is the final result. Drum roll, please.

The Top 100 Tools for Learning:

The Top 10 in More Detail:

The Spring 2008 PDF file is now available. You can download it here. The point of this amazing list of software tools is that these people took it very seriously. The analysis is incredible. Just take a look at how they broke it down. Each tool has a Web link which leads you to all of the comments made about it by the contributors, comparing this year's ranking with last year's. The list is also broken down by individual contribution and an exhaustively, painstakingly obsessive analysis of the list. This research is really fascinating, especially for someone like me who works in both the educational and personal (home) productivity fields.

Want to see the Top 100 tools categorized by type of tool? Check out the Learning Toolbox 2008 which is the Top 100 tools - by type of tool.

Last, take a look at the 25 Tools: An Online Professional Development Resource. As stated, it is a very practical way by getting to grips with 25 key tools taken from the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2008. Behind each of these 25 tools is comprised a number of short tasks that will help you find out more about the technology behind each tool.

By the way, Jane Hart, who is a well-known name in the eLearning world both in the UK and internationally, has a terrific blog of her own called Jane's E-Learning Pick of the Day: and this blog contains some more tools you will definitely want to check out. Many of them I had never even heard of. All in all, you could spend hours sorting through all of this. But they make it easy for you, saving you the time of organizing these very best tech tools. Now, all you have to do is try them.


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