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Nothing is more humbling for a parent than seeing a list like the one below. And, nothing is more helpful to a parent than seeing a list like the one below. Armed with this resource, you suddenly understand a lot of what your kids are talking about online in chat rooms, instant messaging programs, or in cell phone text messages. It's very disturbing and very real. The fact is, they don't want you to see this list. Understanding this reality is a great start to becoming more aware. For a comprehensive acronym list, check out

Also, for parents concerned about their kids' online safety, check out these helpful links from

The NetLingo Top 20 Acronyms

POS - Parent Over Shoulder
PIR - Parent In Room
P911 - Parent Alert
PAW - Parents Are Watching
PAL - Parents Are Listening
ASL - Age/Sex/Location
MorF - Male or Female
SorG - Straight or Gay
LMIRL - Let's Meet In Real Life
KPC - Keeping Parents Clueless
TDTM - Talk Dirty To Me
IWSN - I Want Sex Now
NIFOC - Nude In Front Of Computer
GYPO - Get Your Pants Off
ADR - Address
WYCM - Will You Call Me?
KFY - Kiss For You
MOOS - Member(s) Of the Opposite Sex
MOSS or MOTSS - Member(s) Of The Same Sex
NALOPKT - Not A Lot Of People Know That

Plus, another 50 Internet Acronyms Every Parent Should Know:

2NITE - Tonight
AEAP - As Early As Possible
ALAP - As Late As Possible
AWGTHTGTTA - Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Again
B4YKI - Before You Know It
BOHICA - Bend Over Here It Comes Again
BRB - Be Right Back
BRT - Be Right There
CWYL - Chat With You Later
C-P - Sleepy
CYT or SYT - See You Tomorrow
E123 - Easy as 1, 2, 3
EM? - Excuse Me?
EOD - End Of Day
F2F - Face To Face
FOAF - Friend Of A Friend
HAK - Hugs And Kisses
ILU or ILY - I Love You
IMNSHO - In My Not So Humble Opinion
J/C - Just Checking
KOTL - Kiss On The Lips
L8R - Later
LD - Long Distance
LMK - Let Me Know
LOL - Laugh Out Loud
NAZ - Name, Address, Zip
N-A-Y-L - In A While
NM - Never Mind or Nothing Much
OLL - Online Love
OSIF - Oh Sh** I Forgot
OTP - On The Phone
QT - Cutie
RN - Right Now
ROTFL - Rolling on the Floor Laughing
RU - Are You...?
RUMORF - Are You Male Or Female
SITD - Still In The Dark
SMIM - Send Me an Instant Message
SMEM - Send Me an E-Mail
SO - Significant Other
SOHF - Sense of Humor Failure
SWDYT - So What Do You Think?
TOM - Tomorrow
TS - Tough Sh**
TTFN - Ta-ta for Now
U-R - You Are..?
WFM - Works For Me
WTH - What the Heck
WUF - Where Are You From?
WYRN - What's Your Real Name?


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