- System Scanner and Memory Advisor Tools
One of the online tools I use regularly to help me upgrade computers is's System Scanner, found at The System Scanner virtually eliminates the need to open up the computer's case to determine how much and which type of memory is inside. It makes recommendations and tells which memory slots are filled, and whether or not the system can handle an upgrade to say...1 gb, 2 gb or more of RAM. Wondering if you can run Windows Vista on your machine? Try Crucial's Vista Scanner and see if your computer passes or fails the test. The Memory Advisor Tool allows you to follow a 3-step process to find guaranteed-compatible memory for computers and motherboards.

These are important tools when dealing with memory upgrades, but there are more resources on the site which are also worthy of looking at. There is a Mac memory section, and of course you can purchase by individual memory type, such as the now harder-to-find SDRAM of yesteryear, as well as high-performance Ballistix DD2 and DD3, Flash memory cards of all types, and Solid State drives.

How is the service? Well, I ordered memory from last week, and it took a mere 2 days for it to arrive! Excellent service by anyone's standards. So, this site is honestly all you'd ever need to use for upgrading your system's memory. That's why they call them "The Memory Experts." And guess what? They didn't pay me to say any of this.


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