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Here is a site for everyone. is an online community where people from all over the world share what they know how to do. It is truly a show-and-tell "how-to" site, with over 2 million visitors per month. You can learn such diverse skills as how to make a $5.00 space pen for your wallet or how to turn a Dell laptop into a digital photo frame. There are food tips like how to make you own tortillas and real Japanese ramen from scratch, as well as art, craft and home How-Tos, such as building a Web-controlled surveillance camera and more tips than I can ever begin to describe. Instead of giving you a manual and sending you on your way, you get to experience these articles through the words, pictures and ideas of's colorful collection of users. Some of the tutorials are truly useful, while others are simply unique.

You can browse the site and see what it has to offer, amid a collection of video advertisements, which disappear if you create your own user account. The other reason to register (for free) on the site is to be able to submit your own instructables, and then join in to the forums, which is interesting in itself. There is a Marketplace which includes some "free stuff." You can submit instructibles, a slideshow, even submit your own how-to video.

There is definitely an audience and a future for this site. Take a look. Once its collection of how-tos builds up, it will become a place to visit regularly.


  1. I really enjoy this website both as a tool and as something to look up new ideas for making things when I have extra time.


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