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File Converter/Unit Converter/Online Video Downloader/File Sender
Thanks to an anonymous comment to my May 6th blog post, there has been a new winner in the online file/video converter sweepstakes. Previously I recommended sites like and for sending files of up to 100 mb to anyone, without having to install software to get the job done. I also blogged about which allows you to convert files of various formats using only a Web site. Again, no software needs to be installed. But thanks to this week's recommendation, I am now hooked on and soon, you will be too!

YouConvertIt is the all-in-one deal. Get this. It is a file converter. It converts virtually any file to Microsoft Word format, for example, as well as Excel and PDF. But it also converts to the various audio and video formats, including MP3, MP4, QuickTime, Real Media, all of the major graphic formats (including .png), and the list goes on and on. Need a tool to download and convert your online video files? This will do it. Do you need a tool to send up to 5 files at once - of up to 1 GB in size? That's right. can handle that job too. Last, and certainly not least. How about the ultimate unit conversion tool? This tool will convert various categories of units. Just select a category: Acceleration, Torque, Area, Roman Numerals, Currency, Angles, Fuel Economy, etc., and these are just categories. Each category is full of different options.

Whereas a site like is the online equivalent to the Swiss Army Knife of Google Tool sites, is the Swiss Army Knife of conversion tool sites. It makes all of the others I have tried pale in comparison. While it is currently still in Beta, I am very excited about it and plan on using it as much as possible. My thanks go out for the anonymous tip. YouConvertIt is definitely worth checking out.


  1. Hi,

    Amazing i have used it and i love it is amazing i dont know how to thank you but to say if you dont use you will miss alot.

    Also i have seen another site called it seems that the same guys created this site that supports gift listing, i thought it is like anything else but wow, i just can say more, you can create your own party and invite friends and put your top gifts and poeple can buy it by conributing.

    I think creators of are great.

    Thanks for the tip it really helped me


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