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I have looked high and low over the years for an exceptional set of video tutorials for The GIMP. If you've ever tried to learn how to use The GIMP, you know it has a steep learning curve to say the least. It is like Photoshop in that it is a very powerful professional-level photo manipulation tool. However, if you don't have a way to learn it in a hurry, you may be sitting at your computer struggling with it for quite a while, not getting anything done. Finally, I have found two different sets of tutorials to help us learn this wonderful but complicated open-source application. The first one is from and requires the standard $99.99-per-year subscription to the AtomicLearning online video tutorial library. Other free or open-source software included among Atomic's tutorial collection are Audacity (which I did), NVU (the HTML editor) and the entire OpenOffice suite. Again, this requires a $100 subscription per year. The total number of software apps you can learn on this site is pretty amazing for the price.

If you cannot afford that subscription, there is a shorter but very capable tutorial series included on the Web site The 11 lesson tutorials are found at and it includes both a text with graphics step-by-step, as well as a pictured link that takes you to a video for all 11 lessons. In fact, Lesson #4: "GIMP Selection Tools" has two video tutorials included which explain the various selection tools. I like the inclusion of screenshots throughout each tutorial, showing how the tools work and providing examples of just about everything. The videos are just the right length and go much further than anything I have seen online in the past, and the price is right for the content found on the DesignYourOwnWeb site. Free! One more plug for If you're interested in checking out another excellent open-source program, take a look at their Web tutorial for Nvu (a free Web site editor/Web creation program).

See if either this or the AtomicLearning tuturials help you learn The GIMP. They helped me.


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