PC Magazine's 91 Best Windows Utilities

91 Utilities to Supercharge Windows
If you are a Windows Utilities collector like I am, or if you just like to experiment with different free software, this article is for you. PC Magazine rolled out this great collection in March 2008 and it is one that I have wanted to feature ever since then. About once a month I do a post that features a collection of great utilities, and this is a very large one indeed. Beginning with the Hall of Fame, and one of my favorite photo utilities (IrfanView) and including many pay utilities as well as freebies, this is one of the more comprehensive collections of software for your computer. Since not everything in this article is free, you should pay close attention to the price listed in very small text next to the Web site link - at the top of each featured program.

These utilities are carefully organized into categories, as they should be, such as Appearance (which includes such things as Taskbar Shuffle); File Transfer and Backup. In each category are at least one or more free gems, as well as one or more pay programs. I guarantee that there will be at least one in each category that you have not heard of. I was surprised at how many were new to me, and it might take some time to experiment with all of the new ones. Hopefully you have a computer that you can experiment with, because there is certainly a lot here to try out. Have fun, and please share with us the ones you like best.


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