Troubleshoot Microsoft Word Tables

9 Great Tips for Troubleshooting Word Tables and
Solving Your Headaches

My policy has always been this. If you're having software problems, it is always best to get help directly from the source...whenever possible. So, today we have some excellent tips that should help solve your worst head-scratching issues with Microsoft Word tables. Visit this site for 9 excellent, specific Word table tips:

These tips deal with such common questions as "How do I stop my table column from resizing as I type?" or "How can I get my table to change size with my window?" or "My table snaps to the right or left when I try to move it. How can I make it stop?" These and six other dilemmas are answered directly by the Pros at Microsoft. This Troubleshoot Tables Web link is a definite keeper for anyone who has ever created a table in Word.

Then, after you visit this site and solve your table problems, also direct your attention to the links bar at the left side on this same Web page. You will see such useful resources as Word 2007 Training, Demos and Webcasts, and Word 2003 Demos, Training and Webcasts. There are also Help and How-To articles for Word 2000 all the way up through the current 2007 version. Word templates are also included. This site is through Microsoft Office Online, and is a must for any die-hard or daily Microsoft user. Like with so many of these tools I talk about each day, you really will wonder how you got along without it.


  1. If the text is disappearing in a cell, try those two solutions. However, if the text looks like it is getting cut off at the top, make sure any line spacing of paragraph formatting is set to "at least" and NOT "exactly": setting line spacing to "exactly" can cause lines of type to appear cut off, especially if the font is larger than the line line spacing (say 9 pt type with a line spacing of 7 pt).

    My two cents.


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