Favorite Free Multimedia Tools

Multimedia Workshop: Favorite Free Multimedia Tools

None of the software on this list will cost you a penny:

Audio Editing

Audacity (sound/audio editor & audio converter) (

Video Editing

Windows Movie Maker (Microsoft Windows’ video editor)

Vivia (video editor) (

Photo Editing

IrfanView (photo viewer & image editor) (

Paint.Net (Photoshop-like photo editing alternative) (

The GIMP (advanced photo editor) (

Picasa (Google’s photo organizer) (

Photoshop Express (Photoshop’s free online storage/editing site) (

Photo Slideshow Makers (Done in a video format)

PhotoStory 3 (Microsoft’s free slideshow maker) (

Animoto (Create a video slide-show in minutes and bring your lessons to life. Free to educators)
Sign Up:
http://animoto.com/business/education) and Learn More: http://animoto.com
Media Player

VLC Media Player (This highly-portable multimedia player plays almost every media format you can come up with)

CD/DVD Burning Software

DeepBurner (CD burning software) (

Screencast/Video Tutorial Maker

Jing (TechSmith, out of Okemos, MI created this free project that allows you to capture live screenshots, as well as live
video from your computer, and create your own screencast for educational purposes): (

CamStudio (Free screen recording software. Comes with a Flash .SWF converter) (

Podcast Creator

Podomatic (create your first podcast for free) (

Blog Creator

Blogger (create your first Blog for free) (

Web Site Creators

Weebly (create your first Web Site for free) (

Wiki Creators

WetPaint (create your first Wiki for free. It couldn’t be easier. 3 steps) (

Google Docs (create shared community documents) (

Course Management System

MOODLE (free online course creation system-multimedia & HTML tools included) (

Free Microsoft Office Alternative

OpenOffice.org (free Microsoft Office alternative, with free drawing features)

Free File Back-up Software

Karen’s Replicator (free file backup utility) (

Free File Sharing Software

Windows Live Sync (
www.foldershare.com) keeps your files in sync between computers so you always have the latest copy. You can also share your work using shared folders to sync files with friends or co-workers.


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  2. nice list of multimedia tools, one can have photo editing tools, video and lot of other.

  3. Wow... That's a great list of tools you had mentioned in this post. I glad to see you with this helpful tools. photshop online is a also a great tool which is for photo editing.

  4. Hey you really have some great list, But i will not encourage to use pixlr any more as that is acquired by autodek and now they are charging to use some free feature instead i love photoshop editor which is same like pixlr, and also http://toolpic.com/Magic.html which is same like pixlr express and photoshop express. Hope you love.

  5. photoshop editor is a free online photoshop editor that promises to transfer the burden of editing photos to the cloud. The platform is comparable to Pixlr or Photoshop, except it’s feature-rich and 100 percent online.

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