Computer Training for Seniors and Newbies

For my class on Basic Computer Skills, I did some research and found two excellent sources of information that we can use as jumping-off points. I plan to follow these two documents in class. Please download these documents and open them on your computer:

20 Basic Technology Skills

This will be a very helpful guide for future classes. Also, browse the various tools and tips found in this blog from previous posts and you will find a lot more that you can use daily.


  1. Excellent find Mark. Where did you come across these two sites? I am going to set up a 6 week Basic Computer Course (volunteer no costs involved). Can you suggest a few ideas while I am planning where to start and what to work with? We have computers that offer hands-on experience for the seniors:
    My email:
    greg west
    COMP member

  2. Greg- I will send you a potential syllabus that I would use in your situation, as well as some possible resources. The two links above should provide a starting point, and then you can branch off into other areas after that. Good luck. It should be fun.


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